Rider Experience

The ride of rubber air-springs is flatly superior to other spring forms. Our experience with air-systems over the past several years has taught us that this technology sets a standard that’s unmatched by any other combination of metal air chambers or coil springs.

Correctly Sized Air Chamber vs. Load

In our manufacturing process it is easy to size the air springs to match load so they are optimized for each application. Not too small and not too big. Our rear springs features large diameter and volume for the specific duties required at the rear, delivering greater control and comfort. This is a key in giving our Assault air shocks the best ride in the market!

Consistent Waterproof Performance

In standard shocks, even with the latest improvements in shaft scraper technologies, shock performance erodes when ice/water get past the scraper/seals into its oil. With Assault Airshocks, the seal heads are isolated beneath the air-spring; shielding them 100% from snow and ice.  This eliminates water ingestion, providing huge increases in mileage between servicing. This will save your money and greatly extend the intervals between shock servicing keeping you out on the trail riding with optimum performance from your shocks.

Schrader Valve

Rider Tune-ability

Assault air shock can be ridden at speed through trail chop and the largest bumps on your trip while maintaining speed, control, and comfort. Assault systems cover a wide range of rider weights and feature easy adjustment. They eliminate the need to swap springs or change shock valves when large change is needed. Simply adjust the air pressure to match your weight/riding style and you’ll have the broadest range of control and comfort on the market. And our rubber springs remain more compliant after large pressure changes when compared to coil over springs or the small air chambers found on our competitors shocks.  All of our shocks are rebuildable, single-walled gas shock absorbers, featuring the industry standard and tunable De Carbon deflected shim-damping system.  

Our Air shocks extend your servicing intervals by 250% over traditional coil over shock assemblies. This makes for greatly increased riding time between oil changes.  

MSRP $395