the new king-air


‘‘This will turn your sled around’’

to better understand the design advantages let’s look at the key areas differentiating this suspension

More Travel - The KING-AIR’s front arm cross-shaft is positioned in front of the rails providing up to 2 + inches more critical bump absorbing travel than your current suspension. This added stroke better isolates riders from the major jolts and jarring of frontal impacts.

Coupling is KING - Stock suspensions with their long-front/short-rear-arm geometry deliver only a limited amount of coupled travel. The KING-AIR employs full-parallelogram geometry generating lots of coupling that dramatically reduces rail to bump contact angles. This “angle flattening” generates the bump bridging you need to top the dreaded need to slow down here!

New Bypass Shocks - We’ve rethought and improved our bypass technology two fold. They now allow free-er travel at mid-stroke while providing greatly increased control at the upper and lower ends of travel. And they are now employed in both rear shocks doubling their effect.

Going Remote - Front-arm shocks on rider-forward sleds are critical in delivering the smooth finesse we all seek. We found that by employing a remote reservoir on our front arm shock we could achieve large gains in small and medium bump control…..the KING-AIR features it.

Unfair Advantage - Our rolling-lobe airsprings on the KING-AIR’S shocks provide an optimally-progressive spring rate and a major weight reduction. Comparatively speaking the best coiled-steel springs can offer is preload adjustment, you’re stuck with the factory-spec’d spring rates. While air-cylinder shocks offered by other manufactures claim you’ll “float,”they actually create overly-progressive spring rates that are difficult to set for wide ranging snow conditions. By setting the air pressure in our large volume airshocks, you can adjust the preload and spring rate in tandem to tailor the ride to your weight and riding style, providing the enjoyment of the widest sweet-spot for all conditions.

Available for 121” - 137” 

 Arm Colors: Orange or Black / Rail Colors: Titanium or Aluminum

(Images are renderings so production colors will vary slightly)

MSRP: Starting at $1,895.00


“I have been dealing with TeamFAST for five years. I’m 59 years old and ride a touring sled with a M-10 with air springs. I have ridden for 37 years and still ride between two and three hundred mile days in upstate New York because of TeamFAST. They are the most fair and honest company I have ever dealt with. My sled rides better than anything I have ever ridden and that is why I continue to ride. These people will always make it right so you can trust them. Rest assured you’re money is well spent here.”
— John Capponi