Suspension that reawakens.


awaken your mind.

When you ride with our high-performing rear suspensions and other products, you will be blown away at how we understood what you were thinking, desiring, seeking. We know what you want as a serious rider—because we wanted it too. You'll appreciate your new ride because you'll understand the depth of technology, engineering and precise innovation behind it.


awaken your body.

Once you put your new set-up on your sled, your body will no longer feel so fatigued. You will be able to out-ride your pack and ride more often, longer and harder. Now you can loosen your grip, relax, and ride easy. The stress on your body is reduced, making you want to kick it up a notch, ride frequently and go places, reach new heights, and prevail in the powder.


awaken your soul.

Our innovation and technologies put the passion back into snowmobiling.  Bring on the freedom, the thrill of acceleration, the amazing views of nature, and a whole new world.  A world without work, politics, school or drama. It's just you and your machine. Choose the path less traveled. Now you'll experience snowmobiling the way it was meant to be. 


awaken your ride.

No matter what type of current snowmobile you own, putting a rear suspension by TeamFAST will awaken your ride. The Big 4 snowmobile manufacturers along with others have tried to imitate the original M-10 but it still cannot be beat. Now with our M-20 Airwave and other rear suspension options, your snowmobile can be updated so your ride is all about comfort and control. Now you can have confidence in yourself and your sled.