suspension system kits

TeamFAST, Inc. offers all products you need to reawaken your snowmobile and riding experience. We have the high performance products you need to update, modify and give your snowmobile the kick it needs. The result will be astounding and better than the equipment of a stock snowmobile.  If you aren't sure what product you might need, give our Tech Department a call or email, and we will be happy to guide you depending on what you're unique needs are.


Spend less time adjusting your air shocks and spend more time enjoying the ride. The Air Compressor Adjustment kit allows you to modify for riding comfort or aggression with a simple bump of the finger. 



The AIRWAVE Booster Kit includes everything you need to upgrade your M-10 to our fantastic M-20 specification. Kit includes our Assault Bypass Air Shock in front and the entire rear arm assembly including the great Firestone Air Spring actuator mechanism and the Assault Bypass rear shock. 




The originator in making effortless powder turns including steep downhill 180s.

The Dive-Tek kit is designed to enhance the maneuverability of mountain sleds. Available with two air pump options.



These kits will allow you to transfer/install your M-10 or M-20 suspension into your specific snowmobile.

Our new and improved mount kit will assure a proper and more efficient installation in your chassis.

The kit requires that you measure and install components onto your tunnel to insure proper function and ride quality of your TeamFAST suspension.

rav-tek mountain/trail

Designed to maximize the ride quality in your Ski-doo REV’s and XP’s pre R-Motion. Along with a smoother, better ride, you get a 5 lb. weight savings in the rear suspension.


Polaris Lowering Kit

This is a popular kit for the Polaris 128 M-10 Suspension. This rear arm lowering kit is designed to work with the Polaris factory version M-10. Most customers are amazed with the results of this simple kit.Polaris 128 Rear Arm Lowering Kit



The Rush-Tek Kit was designed to maximize the ride quality in your Polaris Rush. You receive a set of ski shocks along with mid and rear air shocks that easily bolt into your suspension ski shocks. Mid and rear set can be ordered separately.



Designed to be used with our suspensions as a repair kit when the lower front shock mount holes become oblong.