The Team at TeamFAST

From the early snowmobiling racing days — to the exciting breakthrough of the M-10 — and now with the cutting-edge, ultimate M-20 suspension, TeamFAST continually focuses on high performance innovation, positive rider experiences, inspiration and quantum leap advancement for the industry.
Our unifying mission has always been to give the rider what he wants.
— TeamFAST Mission Statement

We believe that companies are only as good as the people doing the work. That is exactly why we take such careful measures to bring the best and brightest into our company.

Gerard karpik

President/Product Development

Gerard had quite the career with his snowmobiling racing days which inspired him and his brothers to start the Company. With his engineering mind, he is continually focused on product development and pushing new ideas to market for improved the rider experience.


Brian Rogers

Service Manager

Brian provides oversight on Technical direction to new and existing users of our products and suspensions. He has over 20 years of technical know-how and TeamFAST expertise.



Sales Manager

Brigitte oversees the sales process ensuring an efficient process. You will know if you're speaking with her by her delightful French-Canadian accent. Experienced and insightful, she manages the sales process and makes sure your product gets shipped out right away. 


Keith Anderson

Keith is our manager of our machine shop has been with the company for years. Oversees  many of our parts build, and any of our R&D projects.