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Our Assault M-10 MID SHOCKS are designed and calibrated to slip right into your existing M-10 replacing your worn and tired FOX or RydeFX shock absorbers. All three shocks feature our machined from billet piston. Shock tubes and shafts feature our special hard plating treatments that absolutely refuse to peel over the extended lifetimes of these shocks.   And tying everything together are the expensive but tough RBC bushings on both end. These are tough, good riding shocks that will serve our customers a long time.

Our Assault M-10 Mid Shock is designed to resist front arm bottoming while still giving you the unmatched performance and ride quality TeamFAST’s products have delivered over the years.These shocks will gain you comfort and deliver the ability to ride through the bumps, not roll over them.


Starting at $385 for the replacement of your existing shock, you will gain the shock that has been specifically designed to partner with your current M-10. TeamFAST designed these shocks exclusively for your M-10, this means you get the shock that improves your riding experience. It’s an easy bolt in application for the owners of the Polaris’s version of our M-10 (not applicable to Polaris M-10 136”).

Service and Tune-ability

These are rebuildable, single-walled gas shock absorbers. They feature the industry standard and tunable De Carbon deflected shim-damping system. Featuring high quality poly-urethane scrapper/seal systems designed to keep oil in and ice/water out making our interval periods 40% longer for our steel coil over shocks and 250% for our AIR shocks delivering greatly increased riding times between oil changes.