scratch & dent specials


Looking for a great, immediate deal on TeamFAST products. This page is dedicated for all the blemished and used suspensions, shocks, parts your heart desires. But remember, if you like something, you may want to contact us right away. These specials go FAST!!! 

136"/137"  M-20 with hose kit

This suspension is like NEW.  The visual condition draws near to a new unit but with some smaller scrapes on some painted surfaces. This was a Dealer display. We will make sure the shocks are up to the new specs. This pricing includes our optional Hose Kit and Mount Kit for your sled.

Options available:  New compressor kit for: $200.00

                            Large Riders H/W calibration $95.00.

normal retail: $1977.00




121" m-20    SOLD OUT!

This M-20 is in good condition wearing its mileage well. The A-arm's original gloss paint has dulled and has some chips.  The slide rails show some nicks and scraping.  This suspension has 5000 miles on it and is in good condition, it was well taken care of.  For reference of remaining life:  An M-20 owner Leo Lunzer, a top finisher in the 1966 Eagle River World Championship went through four sleds while putting 32,000 miles on his M-20 before retiring it.  There is plenty of mileage left in this unit. The slider shoes/ hyphax are at 95% , coupler blocks 100 %, track carriers at 80% condition. Shocks fresh rebuild. This price includes the mount kit for your sled.

Options available:  Used Compressor kit for $100.00

                            New Hose Kit for $ 70.00

                            Larger Rider H/W calibration $95.00

Normal Retail:  $ 1817.00

Discount Price:  $ 1299.00





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