Rider Experience

This is the best combination of shock valving and coil over spring available for the M-10 suspensions. It’s offered as original equipment on our M-10 SS suspensions. If you’re replacing a worn out or busted Fox/Ryde FX shock on your M-10 you can have confidence that our steel body application is both durable and the most rider-friendly coil over shock intended for the M-10. This makes it a perfect match for your suspension. It’s an easy bolt-in application for the owners of Polaris’s 121” and 128”version of M-10 (not applicable to Polaris M-10 136.") Just slide your OEM spring and lock collar on and you’re set.


Due to its flexibility our TeamFAST coil over system covers a wide range of rider weights and delivers a truly workable range of calibration to its owner. In our industry you can find many examples of dual rate springs but an optimized triple rate application is a rare find. Featuring a dual rate main spring working in combination with our adjustable engagement cross over spring. This unique combination offers riders the broadest range of load capacity and comfort possible from a coil over spring system. This combination is the perfect match to be able to handle all sizes of bumps and still give you the comfort that everyone is in search of. For large riders from 250+ or heavy cargo loads we recommend our Heavy Spring 500 in lb spring option.

Rider Tune-ability

With lots of preload adjustment and adjustable engagement of the over-load spring the range of adjustment is unmatched making it the most adjustable coil over system on the market .

 MSRP: Starting at $385