longest true travel

The M-20 has the most “usable” travel in the industry.

  • TeamFAST is the company that pioneered long travel in the sled industry. Our collective knowledge gained over the years of development and refinement positioned us in front of a chasing pack when it comes most facets of ride controlincluding travel.
  • When you see their crazy numbers like 14-16” just divide by 2 and you’ll be much close to their true “usable travel." 
  • Measured between the rear arm and the slide raildon’t be fooled! Check out our Photo Comparisons to see for yourself!


You can only go as fast as and as safe as your suspension will allow.

  • The control, comfort, and speed gained with the M-20 allows you to completely forget about that normal back and sled butt soreness you associate with your sled.
  • Get out there and bend those curves, with the M-20’s geometry we give you the long travel you desire with increased cornering speed.
I spent last week riding my “Perfect Sled” 740 miles in northern WI & UP, and again, I was reacquainted with the amazing performance of my M-20 out back & Assault Air shocks up front. When I got my sag set properly, it made most bumps disappear; simply amazing! I thought you’d like to hear another happy field report. Wishing you another successful season!
Bill Gehn

The M-20 Airwave turned my Yamaha SRX (a.k.a. The Tank) spine buster into a sled that can now keep up with the best of them and not feel a thing. It turned many heads last season, including my own. Every sled I own from now on will have this suspension installed. Thanks TeamFAST!
— Nelson Coish, Keswich, Ontario, Canada

firestone technology

  • Firestone's rubber air springs are unmatched in isolation and in the transportation industry.
  • No one understands more about isolating you with air from bumps than Firestone. After all, they pioneered air spring technology and are the industry’s most trusted manufacturer.
  • Along with the most comfortable ride, the M-20 Firestone is the easiest to adjust system in the industry. Having just a single air pressure adjustment to set to your exact riding style. Easier yet, add our Compact On-board Compressor option.

parallel coupling

  • Allows softer overall spring rates.
  • When front arm movement is initiated by bumps, the rear arm is put in motion keeping the suspension angle as flat as possible. The result is a greatly improved ride.
  • By coupling the front and rear end together the suspension shares the force of large bumps over the entire suspension. The M-20 runs softer shock and spring tension and still handles large bumps with ease.




But we can certainly out-ride them including the popular R-Motion. To achieve its rear arm control, Ski-Doo’s traded out front arm bottoming resistance. Others have followed accepting loss of front arm control and accepting the same front arm bottoming. With our unique geometry and the bypass strategy employed in our Assault front shock we normally don’t even use a front spring. We are not plagued by the front arm crash through like the Big-4’s offerings.