M-10 S/S™ innovation

Ride with conviction! TeamFAST™ has raised the benchmark of suspension systems. The M-10 S/S™ takes you comfortably to the top, through the knarly, ungroomed trails and to places only few get to explore. This suspensions gives you the capability if you bring the drive.

starting it all

This is the one that started it all since debuting on the Sno-X tracks of Europe in the mid 90’s. It launched the long travel sled revolution. Owning multiple European Sno-X championship, taming the worst the West Yellowstone, Tug Hill and Upper Michigan have to offer. Its greatest accolade—being crowned the "Aftermarket Product of the Century!"


The M-10 S/S™ has become the suspension of choice for thousands by providing its unique blend of comfort, control and cornering. Its positive upgrade has allowed owners to ride with confidence against the latest the Big-4 have to offer.


As with all our suspensions—when the going gets rough the M-10 S/S™ allows you to step it up and get going. Featuring our exclusive Parallel Coupling on bump contact, its front arm starts to absorb while initiating rear arm displacement. The slide rail/bump approach angle is the flattest in industry eliminating those larger forces at the rear when your locked into a tough stutter bump section.

sledding's greatest value

There are no other aftermarket products at this price that transforms and revives your machine giving you the ability to react. The M-10 S/S™ is designed to deliver enjoyable ride quality at an affordable price. Additional features include re-buildable Assault gas shocks, progressive front spring and exclusive triple rate rear spring.  At only 58 lbs., our 121" suspension is lighter than nearly all other suspensions it replaces.

Not only will you be able to control your snowmobile in comfort at higher speeds you’ll be able to run away from the pack when trails get rough! 

I have rode many different sleds, old and new. I have yet to ride anything that gave a better ride than an M-10 or M-20 in. The ride is amazing. Gerard and Brian bent over backwards to ensure I was happy with my suspension. I look forward to rough trails so I can laugh at my friends on stock suspensions as they complain about how bumpy the trails are. I highly recommend if anyone is going to spend money on upgrades to their snowmobile, the M-10 or M-20 is the
”best bang for your buck”.
— George Skrypek, Illinois


Available for 120" - 141"
MSRP: Starting at $1,327

You get a new sled ride at a fraction of the cost. you get the long travel you want.  spend your money on other long travel— to colorado, canada, montana. 
Reawaken your suspension!