Rush TeK Kit


Rush TeK Kit

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The Rush-Tek Kit was designed to maximize the ride quality in your Polaris Rush. You receive a set of ski shocks along with mid and rear air shocks that easily bolt into your suspension.

The Rush-Tek is specifically calibrated for the rider forward position with the new geometry the Polaris Rush gives you this geometry of doesn't do well in 4-6" stutter bumps and also lacks in several other situations due to its short mid shock bottoming out prematurely often with bigger bumps. With this kit you will be able to bridge that gap and truly enjoy all bumps and sizes by selecting your pace and maintaining for the entire ride with comfort and control.

Along with superior ride quality you also shed the extra pounds off your machine that nobody wants.

rush tek mid air shock

This kit will provide you with a single mid shock to help resist the sharp bottoming out feeling we have all grown accustom to.

rush tek mid Rear shock

This kit provides you with a single rear shock to give you the most adjustability available on the market.  

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