m-10 mid shock, steel body asssembly

Coil Over by TeamFAST

Rider Experience

This is the best combination of shock valving and coil over spring available for the M-10 suspensions. It’s offered as original equipment on our M-10 S/S suspensions.  Whether you’re replacing a worn out or busted Fox / Ryde FX shock on your M-10, you can have confidence that our steel body application is both durable and the most rider-friendly coil over shock intended for the M-10 which makes it a perfect match for your suspension. Easy bolt-on installation for owners of the Polaris. This simple bolt-on will give you the ride you were searching for when you purchased the Polaris M-10.

m-10 MID STEEL Shock

Our M-10 mid steel shock is designed to resist front arm bottoming while still giving you the unmatched performance and ride qualityTeamFAST’s products have delivered over the years. This shock also saves you in weight along with gaining riding comfort and the ability to drive through the bumps not roll over them. 


The correct partnering of the shock and spring are simply meant to be. TeamFAST has tested a multitude of different spring rates in conjunction with the shock and have found this specific set up to give the best overall comfort and performance in one package.

Easy Tuning

Easy Tuning

Rider Tune-ability

Consistent Waterproof Performance

In standard shocks, even with the latest improvements in shaft scraper technologies, shock performance erodes when ice/water get past the scraper/seals into the shock oil. With our Assault shock, the seal heads are isolated beneath the air-spring; they are shielded 100% from snow and ice.  This totally eliminates water ingestion, providing huge increases in mileage between servicing. This is something that will save you money over time and allow you to stay out and ride with optimal performance from your shocks instead of having your shocks rebuilt mid-season. 

Due to its flexibility our TeamFAST coil over system covers a wide range of rider weights and delivers a truly workable range of calibration to its owner. Featuring plenty of preload adjustment on the spring provides the consumer with a large range of adjustment allowing shock to be adjusted to the rider’s specific needs. With these adjustment abilities, this coil over shock is the leader in non air shocks in bottom-out resistance while still providing comfort. These nitrogen gas shocks are completely rebuildable.

MSRP: Starting at $240