m-10 AIR™ innovation

Take tighter turns, gain confidence and control. Relax your grip on the bars.
There's a lot of riding left for you.

m-10 air performance

Our performance of the M-10 AIR™ is fueled by our flexible membrane rolling sleeve Assault air spring. Our technology has grown out of the need for initially light bump compliance coupled with strong forces large enough to handle over 3000 pounds of bump energy at the end of travel. 

That small bump low pressure smoothness required springs with large surface areas and higher initial volumes combined with sufficient stroke to generate high pressure end loads. This winning combination can only be found in our large diameter Assault and Firestone air spring. Smaller volume metal canister air shocks just can’t match up!

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This system has a wide and functional ride quality control zone. Once the air pressures are set to your weight and riding styles, it delivers good small-to-medium bump isolation while resisting bottoming in high energy and
G–bump events. Its ride quality is superior to stock suspension!


The larger volumes of our air springs provide more comfort over a wider zone than the metal air springs of other air shocks. Our experience with air systems over the past several years has taught us that properly-sized air springs with force curves that don’t ramp up too progressively always delivers greater breadth of control with more comfort than metal chambered air springs or coil springs.


No matter what creative formula a sled maker uses to measure its suspension travel, M-10™ products will on average increase their true vertical displacement by 2 inches. This is typically the difference between pain shooting through your spine and just noticing the bumps you crossed.



If you’d like to improve the breadth of the comfort zone on an existing M-10™, it doesn’t get easier than simply removing your existing shocks and installing our Assault Pack retrofit kit into your existing M-10™.

available for 120” -141” | MSRP:  Starting at $1,647

I have been dealing with TeamFAST for five years. I’m 59 years old and I ride a touring sled with an M- 10 with air springs. I have ridden for 37 years and I still ride between two and three hundred mile days in upstate New York because of TeamFAST. They are the most fair and honest company I have ever dealt with. My sled rides better than anything I have ever ridden and that is why I’m still riding. These people will always make it right and you can trust them. So rest assured you’re money is well spent here.
— John Capponi

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