The Rav-Tek Kit was designed to maximize the bump control and ride quality in your Ski-Doo Rev’s and XP’s Pre R-Motion. You receive a front and rear air shock that easily bolts into your sled.

The Rav-Tek is specifically calibrated for the rider forward position Ski-Doo’s. We all know the Revs and early XP's do a nice job in some bumps but it also lacks in others. With this kit you will be able to bridge that gap and truly enjoy all bumps and sizes by selecting your pace and being able to maintain it for the entire ride with comfort and control.

Anyone who has ridden these machines will attest that they are fun machines—now just imagine that machine with the ride capability that only TeamFAST can offer!

As an added bonus especially for the Western riders the weight savings in the rear suspension rolls up to a sizable 6 pound savings. Its hard to find that amount of weight savings while improving your sled’s performance someplace else on your sled.


This kit will provide you with a single Assault mid air shock that will resist against the sharp front arm bottoming-out feeling from larger high speed impacts while at the same time decently handling all the lower energy bumps you encounter.  A "very good blend of control and comfort."


This kit provides you with a single Assault Rear Air Shock and the linkage kit that allows you to eliminate the heavier steel torsion springs. The rear air spring on this shock is high volume that ramps up nicely to resist bottoming while affording a good level of comfort with lots of control for sharp and square edge bump profiles. This kit also adds the most flexibility for rider and pack weight of any system on the market.


This kit provides you with two Assault Ski Shocks that are going to deliver great control with high-level comfort. They are the lightest on the market AND they are 100% the smoothest riding ski shocks you can get your hands on.


MSRP kit:  $1750
rav-tek ski shocks msrp: $800
Rav-Tek Mid Air Shock msrp: $370
rav-Tek Rear  Air Shock msrp:  $670
Rav-Tek Rear Pack(mid and rear) msrp: $1025



“I wanted to let you know how awesome the shocks were on my 2009 Renegade. I rode over bumps like they weren’t even there. My buddies rode it and they didn’t want to give it back. Thanks TeamFast!
— Bryan Skelton
Team Fast Assault Air Shock
Currently going on my second season with my Team Fast Assault Air Shocks for my 2015 Ski Doo Summit 800 and I couldn’t be more impressed. Really looking forward to another season in Alaska’s back country with these things, they without a doubt catch a lot of interest. My riding at times involves putting some miles on the trails before getting to the deep snow and the simple upgrade to the Assault Ski Shocks made a huge difference, being that my long track really doesn’t perform well on the trail, the shocks do all the work for me so I’m not exhausted from the bumps by the time I get to the mountain. After just one ride on these I knew it was well worth it and fully intend to keep running this set up.”
— Alex Reimer, Wasilla, Alaska