ASSAULT arctic cat/polaris/ski-doo/yamaha MID front replacement shocks



These front arm shocks are valved and sprung as replacements for ARC/POL/SKI/YAM applications. Our front arm shock is designed to resist front arm bottoming while still giving you the unmatched performance and ride quality TeamFAST’s products have delivered over the years. This shock also saves you in weight along with gaining riding comfort and the ability to drive through the bumps not roll over them.  Currently we offer two lengths:

  •  155-1170   Extended. 14.45” / Collapsed 10.45” = Travel 4.0”
  •  155-1070   Extended 13.10” / Collapsed  9.45  = Travel 3.65”

The shock will fit many Arc/Pol/Ski/Yam applications.  Please contact our service department at 218-144-2107 to discuss your particular application.

Rider Experience

The ride of rubber air-springs is flatly superior in comparison to any of its competition.  Our experience with air-systems over the past several years has taught us that this technology sets the new standard in speed, control, comfort in the snowmobile industry.  

Consistent Waterproof Performance

In standard shocks, even with the latest improvements in shaft scraper technologies, shock performance erodes when ice/water get past the scraper/seals into the shock oil. With our Assault shock, the seal heads are isolated within the air-spring; they are shielded 100% from snow and ice.  This totally eliminates water ingestion, providing huge increases in mileage between servicing. This is something that will save you money over time and allow you to stay out and ride with optimal performance from your shocks instead of having your shocks rebuilt during the riding season to obtain the same effect.

Rider Tune-ability

Assault air shock can be ridden at speed through trail chop and the largest bumps on your trip while maintaining speed, control, and comfort. Assault systems cover a wide range of rider weights and feature easy adjustment. They eliminate the need to swap springs or change shock valves when large change is needed. Simply adjust the air pressure to match your weight/riding style and you’ll have the broadest control and comfort range available on the market. The rubber springs are much more compliant to large changes compared to coil over springs or small air chambers found on our competitions shocks.


MSRP: Starting at $370