m-10 w2 air - mountain


The Mountain climber


Anti-squat geometry limits power “looping” during extreme climbs

Live rear axle automatically tensions track, eliminates drive sprocket jumping

Out climbs other suspension under big power/turbo applications

Incredible bump isolation when trailing out to your ride zones. 

Tough construction allows hard charging and provides for a durable and lasting product!

Multiple time  “King of the Hill” Jackson Hole Hill Climb!


144” -172/174” 
MSRP: Starting price of $2,208

I have been riding M10s since 1994 and still have that original suspension. It’s been a 121” and 136” and has been updated several times including to the latest M-20 Airwave version with on board compressor and driver seat adjustability. My most current ride is the new M-10 W2 mountain version in a Summit REV with a 163” track. This turned the REV from a harsh riding X into a superbly plush ride with big bump capabilities.
— Mike Lehman

summit the mountains, reach the peak and ride with the power of M-10 W2 air.