Rider Experience

This is the best replacement shock available for the M-10. It comes with TeamFAST’s valving which will provide you with the best ride possible in your M-10. It is the shock used in the M-10 SS suspensions.  Whether you’re replacing a worn out or busted Fox/Ryde FX shock on your M-10, you can have confidence that our steel body application is both durable and the most rider friendly shock intended for the M-10 which makes it a perfect match for your suspension. It’s an easy bolt in application for the owners of Polaris’s 121” version of our M-10.


At $250 for the replacement of your existing shock, you will gain the shock that has been specifically designed to be partnered up with your current M-10.  Get past the “cool” named shocks and understand that TeamFAST designed this shock specifically for the M-10.  You are getting the shock that will nicely improve your riding experience and won’t break the bank.

Triple-Rate Spring

M-10 comes with three distinct spring levels in one assembly.  Our proprietary dual rate main spring working in series with our engagement adjustable overload spring combine to give the rider the spring force they need when they need it.  Why have a spring strong enough to control big bumps compromise your ride in the small to medium stuff.  Simple and ingenious the X-over tube allow you to decide what kind of ride you like.

Shock Service and Tune-ability

These are totally rebuildable single-walled gas shock absorbers featuring the performance industry standard and tunable De Carbon deflected shim damping system. It features a high quality poly-urethane scrapper/seal system to keep oil in and ice/water out. This makes our interval periods 25% longer than competitor take-apart shocks in our industry. 

MSRP: $250