DIVE-TEK KIT/ mountain

This kit is the originator in making effortless powder turns including steep downhill 180s.

In its essence, the Assault ski shocks are interconnected with our Cross-Linked Airspring Technology shift (CLA). In its open position, CLA allows air volume to escape from the loaded or uphill side air spring into the unloaded low side air spring which in turn helps the chassis roll into a cut or side hill. This technology helps the leading inside edge of the track claw while decreasing the left-right-left effort providing for unforced traversing in the backcountry.

When the rider returns to normal trail surfaces, the enhanced body roll would be considered a negative.

Here, the rider simply positions the sled on a level surface so the shocks are equally extended, then switches the CLA back to its normally closed position. In this setting the air-springs act totally separate from each other so the conventional anti-roll cornering characteristics of the sled are restored. By doing this you will retain the cornering and bump eating ability of your mountain sled all the way to your hidden zone.

The Dive-Tek kit is designed to enhance the maneuverability of Mountain Sleds. This kit includes 2 Assault Ski Shocks and a manifold system.


Includes manual air pump, CLA manifold and a set of our Assault Ski Air shocks.


Includes an on-board air compressor, CLA manifold, and a set of our Assault Ski Air shocks.


MSRP: Starting price of $975

Steve Nyman, Worldcup downhill skier and Luc Karpik at ArcticMan Race in AK

Steve Nyman, Worldcup downhill skier and Luc Karpik at ArcticMan Race in AK

“Currently going on my second season with my TeamFAST Assault Air Shocks for my 2015 Ski-Doo Summit 800 and I couldn’t be more impressed. Really looking forward to another season in Alaska’s backcountry with these things - they without a doubt catch a lot of interest. My riding at times involves putting some miles on the trails before getting to the deep snow and the simple upgrade the the Assault Ski Shocks made a huge difference being that my long track really doesn’t perform well on the trail. The ski shocks do all the work for me so I’m not exhausted from the bumps by the time I get to the mountain. After just one ride, I knew it was well worth it and I fully intend to keep running this set-up.
— — Alex Reimer, Wasilla, Alaska