m-20 airwave booster kit

The AIRWAVE Booster Kit includes everything you need to upgrade your M-10 to our fantastic M-20 specification.  The kit include our Assault Bypass Shock in front and the entire rear arm assembly including the great Firestone Air Spring actuator mechanism and the Assault Bypass rear shock. The kit can be purchased with or without the on-board air compressor.


You can only go as fast as your suspension will allow you!

  • FACT: When you are in control through the bumps you are much quicker and safer.

  • The control, comfort and speed that are gained with an M-20 allows you to completely forget about that normal soreness you associate with riding your current snowmobile.

  • Typically with additional ride height in any amount you lose cornering control—with the M-20’s geometry we are able to give you the long travel you desire without loss in cornering.


Firestone's rubber air springs are unmatched in isolation and comfort in the transportation industry.

No one understands more about isolating you with air from bumpy terrain than Firestone.  After all they pioneered air spring technology and are the industry’s leading and most trusted manufacturer.

Along with Firestone air springs having the most comfortable ride, the M-20 is the easiest to adjust suspension in the industry. It has just a single air pressure adjustment to set your ride to your exact riding style. For your most easy option, we recommend you buy it with our on-board compressor option.

Update your M-10

  • Will retro-fit to 2001 and newer TeamFAST M-10’s along with Polaris Factory M-10’s

  • On sled use on-board air compressor kit for an additional cost of $250.

  • Hose Kit
    Braided hose and fitting to exit rear of tunnel for easy adjustability for an additional cost of $100.

msrp starting at: $1146