M10 Suspension

The most recognized name in snowmobile suspension travel is the M-10® and it has become the suspension of choice for thousands of snowmobilers world-wide. Being the King of Comfort, Control and Cornering it has extended the riding careers of many.

It works in nearly all models of the Big-4 brands making it for all intents and purposes the "McPherson Strut" of snowmobiling. It has been crowned the "Aftermarket Product of the Century". It has numerous Product of the Year awards, Engineering awards and is standard equipment by Blade® Snowmobiles and Polaris Industries.

Proven Design

Longest running long travel suspension design in snowmobiling and over 100 million miles logged by sledders world-wide. This M-10 features our front Assault Air Shock with our Fox Comp rear shock assembly.


Where there's conrners - there's bumps... M-10 maximizes your sled and personal cornering capability. Lightweight - Weighing in considerably less than most any other long travel OEM or aftermarket suspension systems.

Cost Effective

At only a fraction of the cost of a new sled and better performance with greater re-sale value. Technology Driven - 10.6" of patented "couple" design that truly smoothes out those bump infested trails and corners.


Fits Arctic Cat, Polaris, Ski-doo and Yamaha snowmobiles with 121", 136" and 141" track lengths.

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