M10 AIR Suspension

If you’ve been watching, you may have noticed that the BIG THINGs in suspension development come through our doors long before making their way to your dealer’s showroom. Fueled by our flexible membrane rolling sleeve technology, there is a revolt in motion that won’t be stopped anytime soon. Some may state ... ah, more of the same, just a new twist. Some may look and think ... neat, but isn’t it really just another evolution. In fact, what they’re really looking at is the newest weapon in the air ride revolution.

This airspring technology has grown from our AIRWAVE® suspension system, our absolute best system ever! The all NEW M-10 AIR and M-10W2 AIR narrows the gap while keeping your investment to a minimum. It has significantly greater breadth in its comfort zone and delivers good small to medium bump isolation, while at the same settings resists bottoming in high energy big bump and low speed G–bump events. Its ride is far superior to any stock suspension!

Live rear axle, light weight, clean and simple. Western riders are going to love the way our new M-10 W-2 Air maintains track tension in all positions, including acceleration in deep snow. It also reduces squatting/lift characteristics during climbs, allowing for long limiter settings, resulting in higher comfort levels and increased control.


Air Isolation

There are solid engineering reasons why our flexible membrane rolling sleeve airsprings deliver their superior ride including lower natural spring frequencies and natural rate progression. Which medium do you think is more supple, compliant and responsive ... a coiled up piece of steel or a rubber column of low pressure air?

Increased Travel

No matter what creative formula a sled maker uses to measure its suspension travel, M-10 products will on average increase their true vertical travel by a minimum of 2 inches ... a minimum of 20% increase. That’s a significant amount!

Easy Installation

If you’d like to improve the breadth of the comfort zone on an existing M-10, it doesn’t get easier than simply removing your existing shocks and installing our Assault Pack retro fit kit into your existing M-10.

The Lightest Yet

Starting at 54 lbs. this suspension is far lighter than any OEM trail, sport or aggressive terrain suspension. Not only do you get a great ride, you’ll be dropping your sled weight by as much as 20 lbs!

Available Now

See our store for purchasing options.

M-10 AIR

featuring revolutionary Assault FT and RT starting at $1572.00. All prices include mounting kit.

M-10-W2 AIR

featuring revolutionary Assault FT and RT with live rear axle for $2208.00. All prices include mounting kit.

Air Assault Pack

M-10 Air retro-fit includes both shock absorbers for $745.00