Assault shock

product/Assault_shock.jpg TeamFAST’s goal remains: Deliver our customers the essential tools they need to blast down the roughest trail and still obtain a ride that’s as comfortable as it is thrilling! It’s a tough task and requires that our products deliver absorption qualities far beyond your stock suspension’s capabilities.

Achieving this goal requires continual product advancement. Through the introduction of our industry leading Airwave Suspension in 2007 and our novel front arm Assault Air-shock in 2008 our customers have enjoyed the superior ride quality of rolling sleeve air-springs. The Assault-RT Air-shock is the natural extension of our prior AIR development.

The Assault-RT Air-Shock is featured on the rear arm of our new M-10 AIR (in 121” through 136” units) and is also featured across the board on all M10W2 AIR mountain suspensions. The front is matched up with our refined 2009 Assault-FT Air-Shock.


Matched Load Air-springs

To match our Assault FT shock we chose to develop a greater capacity 4.0” dia. air-spring system for the Assault RT shock. The larger spring provides for the specific duties required for the rear, delivering greater comfort and control.

Consistent Waterproof Performance

Even with the latest improvements in shock shaft scraper technologies, shock performance still erodes when ice/water get past the scraper/seal head into the shock oil. With the Assault FT and RT shocks seal heads being contained completely within the air-spring, they are shielded 100% from snow and ice, totally eliminating water ingestion. This allows much greater mileage between servicing.

The Flex Piston

The flex piston is a proprietary technology available only through In a typical rolling sleeve air-spring design, the ramp up of the air-spring’s forces is defined by static air pressure setting and the shape of its piston. Many air-spring applications use bell shaped pistons to develop large force increases at the end of stroke. These shapes can often be observed in action on over the road tractor /trailers. As the spring rolls over its bell shaped piston, the diameter of the spring increases and results in more surface area. The additional surface generates larger forces and increased resistance to bottoming. With the Flex-Air piston the engagement height can be raised or lowered and the piston can also be changed. This provides riders great flexibility in tuning the force curve obtained from ASSAULT systems.

Direct Easy Install

As easy as removing your shocks and bolting these units directly in their place. No drilling, no wiring, the simplest and easiest way to improve your riding day…period.

Comparable to an AIR-WAVE

An M-10 with a set of these shocks will narrow the gap considerably between itself and an Airwave suspension. The Airwave's design advantage will still have ride advantages due to the larger displacement of its air-spring through its proprietary geometric configuration. However, the simple installation and the increased breadth of the M10’s comfort/control range (no-more G-bumps) make this a significant leap forward, once again placing its owner’s ride quality well beyond any OEM stock or other kitted suspension.

Rider Isolation

Ride characteristics of rolling sleeve rubber air-springs are flatly superior! When it comes to achieving an acceptable state of separation between a rider and rough terrain, their performance is unmatched. Our experience with air-systems over these past four years has taught us that this technology sets a standard that we’ve never been able to match with metal springs.

Rider Tune-ability

Soft setting
Firm setting
Our Assault systems will cover a wide range of rider weights and deliver user friendly calibration. They eliminate the need to swap springs or change shock valves when larger changes are desired. Fine tune low to middle range bumps through static air-pressure settings while big end forces are tailored by adjusting our proprietary “Flex-Air Piston” (see above picture). These features provide a distinct separation between the subtle force levels needed for small to medium bumps while delivering the larger forces required for high energy impacts.

Extremely light

At 3.37 lbs. the rear arm shock delivers a 69% (7.4lb) weight reduction from our 10.8 lb. steel shock/spring assy., while shaving nearly 40% of the weight at the front shock. Adding these savings to our machined rails and rear arms makes the M-10 AIR and M-10-W2 AIR, our lightest ever.

Available Now

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Assault-RT air shock

The rear air shock for $399.

Assault-FT air shock

The front air shock for $369.

Assault Pack

Includes both units for $739.