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Replace you tired OEM Ski Shocks with a pair of Ultra-High Performance TeamFAST ASSAULT Ski Shocks!


CAN-AM Spyder Roadster Owners:
You can now enjoy the comfort and convenience of TeamFAST's Air Suspension Technology!
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Suspension Systems

For over a decade the M-10® snowmobile suspension system has been the benchmark for all snowmobile suspensions, and to this day has no equal.

The M-10™ coupling technologies first patent was applied for in 1992 and is now used by every manufacturer selling in North America and is in nearly all snowmobiles manufactured today, this includes the top four producers worldwide.

TeamFAST Releases RAV-TEK Suspension packages aimed at the Ski-Doo Rev Platform Sled

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M-20 Air-Wave
Available for 120" through 137" track lengths.

products/M-20 Airwave Suspension Winner of the SnowGoer 2007 Aftermarket Innovation Award. When the trails get rough and you are too beat to continue white-knuckling it, why put up with limping along at 25-30 mph? The Air-Wave snowmobile Suspension, our absolute best system ever, is the cure! This system simply devours the big stuff while at the same time purely adoring trail stutters and chop. Just released - ALL NEW 2012 PLATINUM SPEC.

M-10 AIR Suspension
Available for 120-137", 141" and 174" track lengths.

products/M10 AIR Suspension This airspring technology has grown out of our AIRWAVE® suspension system. The all NEW M-10 AIR and M10-W2 AIR narrows the gap while keeping your investment to a minimum. It has significantly greater breadth in its comfort zone and delivers good small to medium bump isolation, while at the same settings resists bottoming in high energy big bump and low speed G-bump events. Its ride is far superior to any stock snowmobile suspension! For more info click photo on left.

M-10 W-2 AIR
Available for 144-163" track lengths.

products/M-10 W-2 AIR Suspension Live rear axle, light weight, clean and simple. Western riders are going to love the way our new M-10 W-2 Air snowmobile suspension maintains track tension in all positions, including acceleration in deep snow. It also reduces sqatting/lift characteristics during climbs, allowing for long limiter settings, resulting in higher comfort levels and increased control. This airspring technology has grown out of our AIRWAVE® snowmobile suspension system, our absolute best system ever! The all NEW M-10-W2 AIR narrow the gap while keeping your investment to a minimum. It has significantly greater breadth in its comfort zone and delivers good small to medium bump isolation, while at the same settings resists bottoming in high energy big bump and low speed G–bump events. Its ride is far superior to any stock snowmobile suspension! For more info click photo on left.

M-10 S/S Suspension

The most recognized names in snowmobile long travel are TeamFAST and the M10 Suspension, it has becomethe suspension of choice for thousands of snowmobilers world-wide. Being the King of Comfort, Control and Cornering, it has extended the riding careers of many. It works in nearly all models of the Big-4 brands making it for all intent purposes the "McPherson Strut" of snowmobiling. Since debuting in Europe in 1992 it has done everything from winning multiple European Sno-X championship to taming the worst West Yellowstone or other heavy use trail systems have to offer. Certainly its greatest accolade was being crowned the "Aftermarket Product of the Century".

The M-10 S/S is built for a superior to stock ride quality at an affordable price. Featuring our efficient and rock solid reliable front and rear steel gas emulsion shock absorbers. We've also incorporated our progressive front spring and our triple rate progressive rear spring with over load spring and cross-over tube. The 121" length weighs 58 lbs., without the mount kit is included in the price. This makes it lighter than nearly all suspensions it will replace.

The M-10 S/S is the absolute value in snowmobiling and is tuned for great trail riding performance. Whether you are not satisfied with your current model trail sled or enjoying the process of rebuilding a vintage unit, this suspension makes sense.

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Eveleth, Minn. --, the suspension technology specialists, has grouped together two of their hottest products into two suspension packages specifically tuned for the XP line. There are two different kits, each being specific to the 120" and 137" track lengths of the Ski-doo REV XP and Ski-doo Renegade REV XP-XR platforms.

"With so many riders lining up behind the REV XP platform we felt it prudent to put a substantial effort into that segment. We feel from a ride quality standpoint that the XPs slipped just a bit behind the 06 and 07 Revs, which presents a great opportunity. We've found this to be caused in part by the aggressive forward shift of rider and sled mass", said Gerard Karpik, lead designer and founder of, Inc.

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TEK KITS has developed a series of TEK-KITS and as often has been the case with TeamFAST our front end kits have a different twist.

Air-Spring TEK-Kits

products/TEK-Kits In a departure from the company's customary business model of selling complete proprietary suspension systems, we are now producing bolt-on air-shock/spring kits that improve the big four's stock suspensions. These kits have been developed primarily to enable owners to bridge the ride quality gap between their stock suspensions and our all-out M10 and M-20 systems.


products/Dive-TEK Designed to enhance the maneuverability of Mountain Sleds, the Dive-TEK system reduces the effort required in making tight cuts while boondocking in the steep or deep by providing a large improvement in chassis maneuverability. This is a hot new user-friendly addition to the mountain riding technique.

Parts and Accessories

TeamFAST carries parts for all model M-10 Snowmobile Suspensions and a variety of options and accessories. See store for parts availability and pricing.

Mounting Kits

TeamFAST offers M-10 mount kits to fit the M-10 snowmobile suspension into just about any sled out there. This includes sleds from the late 1980s to current model sleds (if unsure of fit, please call). The mount kit is designed to place the M-10 snowmobile suspension correctly into the tunnel of your sled. The M-10 must be placed correctly in each year, make and model sled to achieve the ride and handling quality it is capable of, this is why the mount kit is very important for installations. Mount kits are included with every M-10 snowmobile suspension or can be purchased separately.

AIRWAVE Booster Kit

products/AIRWAVE Booster Kit Adapts to existing standard (2001 or newer) M-10 snowmobile suspension. This kit provides a wider range of suspension adjustment. Provides PLUSH settings not obtainable with steel springs. Air provides a disconnect between you and the trail. The small stuff on the trail simply disappears, and is not transferred to your seat through the physical spring contact with the ground. Heavy, light loads no problem.

Assault Shock

products/Assault Shock Through the introduction of our industry leading Airwave Suspension in 2007 and our novel front arm Assault Air-shock in 2008, our customers have enjoyed the superior ride quality of rolling sleeve air-springs. The Assault-RT Air-shock is the natural extension of our prior AIR development.

The Assault-RT Air-Shock is featured on the rear arm of our new M-10 AIR (in 121" through 136" units) and is also featured across the board on all M-10-W2 AIR mountain suspensions. In the front it is matched up with our refined 2009 Assault-FT Air-Shock. Will adapt to all existing M-10 snowmobile suspensions.

The Jack

products/The Jack M-10 snowmobile suspension owners can make adjustments to their rear shock position in a fraction of the time it takes to do it manually. The JACK option turns a ten minute FRA (full range adjuster) adjustment into a 30 second adjustment.